About Us

Action Artwork Rental

The idea for Action Artwork Rental came about in the mid-2000s, when previous owner Joey Sisson saw a need for local and affordable cleared artwork in Atlanta, Georgia. Joey spent the next few years sharing his idea with his wife and a few close friends. As the film industry continued to grow in the Southeast, Joey knew he needed to turn his idea into reality. A few months later Joey’s wife, Carey Hall, joined the team and by March of 2014 they had formed their LLC. They worked hard to secure highly talented artists and ensure their business model is one that services the film industry, but also protects the artist and his/her artwork. After four years of managing both AAR and their own personal careers they decided to step back from AAR and pass the torch to long-time friends and co-workers Zombie Cat Productions, owned by Molly Coffee and Victoria Coffee, and Second Hand Interesting Things, owned by Nik Morgan.  They will continue the previous owners' policy of renting the pieces out on a weekly basis, with artists receiving a portion of the revenue each time their works are rented.  We here at AAR look forward to seeing our company grow within the film industry and being a part of the art community in Atlanta.


Molly Coffee

Molly Coffee, a Georgia native, began her film career working by day full time in the art department for shows like The Carbonaro Effect and The Walking Dead.  By night, she has always championed independent film.  With a solid core and hands-on experience behind her, Molly has now lent her design, and fabrication skills to television shows such as Stan Against Evil, Brockmire and FX series Atlanta, feature films like Steel Country and V/H/S Viral and even stage and puppetry shows.  In the meantime, Molly is the creator/director of the puppet short film "Magic The Gathering The Musical", and the spec pilot "Pepper's Place" among other director for hire opportunities.  She is an Atlanta Film Society Filmmaker-in-Residence, and is not only the owner of the fabrication studio/production company Zombie Cat Productions but also co-owner of cleared artwork company Action Artwork Rental.  She also records weekly podcasts with her co-consiprator Charles Thomas called Atlanta Film Chat where they focus on what Atlanta can do to make the local film community stronger.  Molly is a member of IATSE 479 and the Art Directors Guild and can be seen on Lifetime's HERstories.


Nik Morgan

Production Designer, Nik Morgan, was devastated at age 6 upon the realization that being a Ghostbuster was not a "real" profession.  Nik decided to be an artist instead.  For the last 20 years he has been involved with several film and stage projects in Atlanta.  Including being co-founder and prop builder for the 5 time award winning Silver Scream Spook Show, curating the Splatter Cinema film series, Producing and Special F/X for the exploitation film Dear God No, and slews of indie shorts.  He has a long career working with director Molly Coffee as a Set Decorator when she moonlights as a production designer including designing her previous spec pilot Pepper's Place.  He is the current record holder for the most donuts eaten on a unicycle in the rain.  Working with his Team Awesome collective he will create a world just as unique as the characters that inhabit it.