About Us

Action Artwork Rental

The idea for Action Artwork Rental came about in the mid-2000s, when co-owner Joey Sisson saw a need for local and affordable cleared artwork in Atlanta, Georgia. Joey spent the next few years sharing his idea with his wife and a few close friends. As the film industry continued to grow in the Southeast, Joey knew he needed to turn his idea into reality. In 2013, he asked his friend, co-worker, and artist Laurence Laufer to partner with him. A few months later Joey’s wife, Carey Hall, joined the team and by March of 2014 they had formed their LLC. They have been working hard ever since to secure highly talented artists and ensure their business model is one that services the film industry, but also protects the artist and his/her artwork. Each owner brings their unique abilities to the company and AAR wouldn’t be where it is today without each of them! AAR looks forward to seeing their company grow within the film industry and being a part of the art community in Atlanta.

Carey Hall

Carey Hall, born in Louisiana, was raised in a small town just south of Atlanta. She is the business side of this operation, and keeps things in order and running smoothly. Even though she earned her B.A. in Creative Writing and her MAT in English, she feels very much at home setting up spreadsheets, working on the AAR website, meeting with artists, and talking about their work to anyone who will listen! When she’s not being a businesslady, you can find Carey, with a latte in hand, exploring Atlanta with her handsome husband and their two spirited sons.

Laurence Laufer 

As an Atlanta Native, artist Laurence Laufer works in primarily pen and pencil, acrylic, airbrush and aerosol. His playful creatures and cartoons lend emotional content and humor through use of smooth lines and accessible illustrative style. Laurence's work has recently included use of geometry, repetition and symmetry to convey his cartoon universe. Laurence works in the film and television production industry on commercials, features, television shows. Aside from work and art, Laurence creates animated projects, murals, airbrush services and illustrative commissions.  He also enjoys canoes, wildlife and everything about bicycles.

Joey Sisson

Joey Sisson, a Georgia native, began working in the film industry in 2006. He chose to specialize in the Set Decoration Department in 2008. Even though Joey is not your typical artist, he enjoys the creative process and knew he wanted to work alongside other creative people. His career path has opened doors to many new ventures, including, but not limited to set dressing, props, being a lead man, and now co-owning AAR.  Joey likes to camp and enjoy this beautiful world with his two sons and his lovely wife!