Steven Deeb

Steven Deeb attended Scola di Lorenzo de Medici in Florence in 1992 and received his MFA from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2000. While studying at Cranbrook, he attended the Royal College of Art in London through their student exchange program. Steven has been showing his artwork throughout the U.S. for over sixteen years and has artwork in private and public collections in Europe, Mexico, Australia, Canada and The United States. Steven describes his passion for painting by drawing an analogy to Giotto. “Just like Giotto, as he dipped his brush in red paint and with one continuous stroke painted a perfect circle, the media of paint has always been the best vehicle for me to contribute to the never-ending discourse that is Art.”

Deeb’s abstract paintings are spinning and pulsating energy which floats across a picture plane creating a feeling of transition from subject, the photographic image, to abstraction and back again. The artwork visually speaks to a truth of Being from deep within the mind’s eye: A truth that we are all spiritual energy having a human experience and are constantly is transition from energy to form and back to energy

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