Shane Garner

Shane Garner views the world in perpetual juxtaposition; knowing that only perception divides the marvelous from the mundane. Cemeteries dismissed by most as morose and mournful are transformed to airy and enchanting places when photographed by Shane. Discarded animal bones, weathered cloth and twine become the stuff of his many whimsy sculptures. Through his art, he hopes to liberate the world from monotonous standards of beauty and normality by offering new insight. 

Not surprisingly, Shane’s earliest influences evolved from a childhood obsession with Universal’s classic monsters, where “villains” were merely victims of social stigma.  Any time not committed to work and art is often spent supporting various charitable causes that share his zest for equality and human rights. 

“Shane’s work reminds us that things exist that we can't see with just physical eyes and invites us to explore what only our minds and souls can see.” Tim Wilkerson – photographer

“Shane’s photography captures images in a way that inspires a deep look and careful consideration.” Brooks Hilley 

“Shane does not simply "take a picture", he captures the very essence of his subjects.” Susie Mauldin