Sam Renaissance

Samuel Lynch (b. 1974), is a  New York based visual artist whose career started as an illustrator. He began painting on canvas in 2001 after being urged by an art mentor to take up oil painting. His recent canvases are acrylic paintings that feature heavy vibrant colors, bold black outlines around juxtaposed shapes with elements of surrealism, pop imagery and graffiti. A motif he calls "Urban Foke Scenes."

In 2009 he was commissioned by Nike to create several large murals for the LeBron James Community Day Event in New York City.

Since then his work has been commissioned by King & Spalding Law firm, Adobe, Sesame Street, The City of Monclaire CA, CSI Miami, and  Bryan Schwartz Law. He has also been featured in Rolling Out Magazine, Oakland Magazine, LA Weekly, and a number of events in Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York City.  He also has sold countless artworks, prints, and t-shirts  to various family members and small businesses.

His fascination with urban architecture and vivid colors has distinctly and powerfully influenced his signature works and creative series. Each piece speaks a language of its own and delivers a silent yet strong message full of passion for his community, history, and creativity.

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