Ramsey Sibaja

Ramsey Sibaja,  a.k.a Raz, owner, artist, and graphic designer of Raz City Studios. As a kid in the 80’s, sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoon marathons, while consuming highly sugarfied cereals, addicted to music, pop, new wave, punk, classic, heavy, goth, grunge, post punk, movies, TV, skateboarding, Elvira’s horror schlock fest, and comics,   Raz has taken these influences and mashed them together to produce a strong graphic art style.  All these things are channeled, digested, processed, and then seep into the artwork he creates.  Strong bright color palette with bold outlines and pop culture inspired artwork. 
Ramsey does like to experiment with new mediums, styles and processes and use what he learns in these experiments to grow as an artist always moving forward artistically.  

With various groups shows and a few successful solo shows in Atlanta, as well as in New York, under his belt he has also created graphic art for various apparel, skateboard, and trading card companies such as UpperDeck, Topps, and Cryptozoic to create original art for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, the Walking Dead and Lord of the Rings