Nina Mahmud

Naeemah or "Nina's" purpose on this planet has been and continues to be for her to share her creativity with the world. Naeemah was born with a talent for being an artistic and creative person from the start. She comes from an artistic dance background, she studied ballet, modem, jazz and interpretive dance. She studied dance at a performing arts high school in New Jersey. With a natural instinctive decision when she attended Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey she declared dance as a major.

However there were certain factors involved which allowed her to change her major and she had declared dance as a minor. Later on Naeernah had shown interest in fashion modeling and she wanted to put her energy into the modeling industry to see how far she could progress in it Ultimately she was successful in her own right and she was able to produce a modeling portfolio that has made herself proud. It wasn't until some years after modeling when she was able to purchase a one bedroom condominium she had shown interest in decorating.

Naeemah has always had a visual "eye" for buying rugs, artwork, and finding unique items that would make great gift ideas. The piece de resistance that inspired her to want to become an aspiring interior designer was when she had watched the show Design Star. The mission of the show Design Star was to have participants of different artistic backgrounds and artistic levels to compete against each other in teams and sometimes individuals,on weekly design projects. The show had judges on there and sometimes Naeernah had agreed' with the comments from the Judges. She learned what the difference is between decorating and designing when she watched the show Design Star.

In addition, when she watched the show Design Star the design challenge that stood out for her was the No Budget design challenge. Naeemah had understood the mission of that challenge that in life a person won't have the money to purchase items all the time. When money hasn't been apart of the experience, a person's creativity will stand out more. Anyway ultimately because she had enjoyment when she watched the show Design Star it had brought out more of her artisan personality. Finally she began creating wall designs in 2013 and the wall designs were designed for renters and homeowners alike.

If she could have tag lines that would represent what her purpose in life it would say "there's no price for creativity" and "creativity constantly changes".