Nick A. Demos

Born in Atlanta where he grew up in the small city of East Atlanta in a neighborhood where dreams were the American Dream was still was alive and well from this jumping off place. Graduating from the University of Georgia with a Masters Degree headed for California to be immersed in the culture of film making and the art of the West Coast. It was there that his premise of putting found objects together that go together as sculptures was born. Upon returning to his birth city of Atlanta where he spent 12 years studying with Joseph Perrin Professor Emeritus, and Head of the Art Department at Georgia State College before it became a University. Nick attended his Master Critique where he developed and established his style of art called Neo-Symbolism.
The definition of Neo-Symbolism was published in the 2004 Summer issue of Gallery Guide New York as "Words juxtaposed to Words and the letters within Words" creating a powerful insight into language as an art form. Artists have been putting Words into paintings for 100 years and Nick A Demos made the words in his Neo-Symbolic Art make sense. Addressing both sides of the brain the verbal and the creative his appealingĀ work mesmerizes and entertaining to both the Scholar and Layman. The expansive range of his work over 50 years is impressive in the form of photography, sculpture, and painting where only his pure genius excels like Leonardo Da Vinci did in his era. For it is the Artist who sees and reveals the invisible before it is seen and acknowledged by the public,This is what Nick has accomplished with his style of Art named Neo-Symbolism