Marlan Yoder

Marlan Yoder’s unique painting style crosses the lines of surrealism and impressionism while rendering his own brand of abstract pointillism in the process. Yoder, a self-taught artist grew up in a small farming town in northeast Ohio. He began painting with acrylics at age fifteen which has remained his preferred medium though he works with watercolor and pastels on occasion. In 1992, Yoder and his wife, Cheryl, moved to Woodstock, Georgia with their four young sons to pursue his painting career. Yoder’s goal was to develop an authentic style that possessed universal appeal.

A quote from art commentator, Sister Wendy Beckett on a PBS television show in 1998 changed Yoder’s painting life.

She said, “Never listen to what an artist has to say about his work because he doesn’t know.”

Yoder states, “That’s when the light turned on and my work changed from being pleasant landscapes to works of art that moved and inspired people. It was then I truly realized that art had power and the power came from outside of me. For the first time I was free to paint.”

Yoder’s current Tree of Life series has been critically and commercially successful over the years and continues to grow. His hope is to create inspirational paintings of beautiful places where people can go to dream. Website –