Marc Manning

Marc Manning has been a practicing artist since 1999, although art has been an integral part of his life long before that time. While Manning’s formal education is in science, he has participated in a number of art classes and workshops alongside incredibly talented and inspiring people. Manning’s technical background brings a unique perspective to the process and an inventive understanding of materials. Manning is forever experimenting with new media and methods, mixing them into works that push boundaries.

Manning is also passionate about new models of engagement, whether it’s public art or “scavenger hunt” postings on social media. One of Manning’s ongoing projects is turning waste, such as discarded bicycle parts and reclaimed wood, into small art pieces that he drops around Atlanta on Free Art Fridays (#FAFATL). The “Free Art Friday” pieces may be small, but there are big ideas behind them. For Manning, art was never something you just hang on the wall, but rather a journey. A journey that is continually changing, providing him with an important outlet to express his life experiences and learn from every piece he touches.