Lieze Truter

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Lieze Truter had the privilege of being surrounded by the many wonderful things nature had to offer. 

After earning a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics, Truter quickly realized that, even though she loved the digital convenience, her most creative moments were those captured with her hands. She gained so much experience working on documentaries like, "Keep Drifting Fun" and "Slide America", commercials like, "PBS Go Kids", "Xerox", "UPS" and even two animated series called, "Archer" and "Unsupervised.” One day she grabbed her Dad's old Pentax from 1985, the year she was born, and started shooting away. As a current Local 479 Member, she enjoys working on television and movie sets. Many times as a Set Dresser, she has to embark on a journey with the character. Placing herself in their shoes, to fill up a room, a desk, a car with items and objects that evoke an emotional response, and reflect the feelings and or standing of that character. It is this same experience she tries to convey through her art.

In her images, she captures not just the beautiful, but the unique. She focuses on the imperfections, rather than the ordinary, and looks beyond the surface, searching for a hidden meaning. In her art she speaks the truth, for the truth has set her free. Free from condemnation, from shame, from lies. Free to be just beautiful her.