Julie Tucker-Demps

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Julie Tucker-Demps began her career 21 years ago (2015) in Atlanta, Georgia. A serious back injury from a car accident in 1990, presented Tucker-Demps with a lot of free time. Self-taught, Tucker-Demps’ work has been collected and exhibited locally and nationally. Tucker-Demps’ choice of Impressionism came after years of studying techniques and Art History. After studying under the late Carl Owens, and many other gifted Atlanta artists, Tucker-Demps knows there is always room for growth, and seeks growth and more time live and share her work.

Tucker-Demps has always had a desire to be an artist, and knowing now the true meaning of “prosperity,” she embraces a lifelong dream and encourages others to follow their dreams. Her daughter has been a great inspiration to her, as well. By example, Tucker- Demps hopes to show the importance of hard work, commitment, and desire to go beyond ones comfort zone. She knows she has a long way to go, and she just wants to paint, love, and live with a free heart, open to share. Tucker-Demps has a desire to travel and capture as much of the beauty of nature as possible. She has traveled the world via the U.S. Navy. Having spent several months in Alaska, she now resides in Decatur, Georgia.