Grace Dillon

Award-winning photographer Grace Pedulla Dillon enjoys photo manipulation in Photoshop. Frequently out photographing nature in Florida, she also travels to other US states for scenic and wildlife.

Dillon has been published in text books, front covers, nature magazines, calendars, and greeting cards. Her photos have been featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine and National Wildlife Federation Her fine photography and art has been featured on  many websites, among them Nikon, Save the Manatee, Horse Rescue, and various others. Dillon often accompanies her works of art with articles, and has been published as a writer, as well . She loves exploring, studying, observing, and writing about nature.

Dillon's experience has included photographing events and concerts for a Florida entertainment magazine, "The Local Buzz." In addition to nature and concert images, Dillon often makes time for still life photography, which she sets up herself, in her home studio One dynamic image of a slinky has graced the cover of half a million math text books.

Dillon resides in the Sunshine State, which offers ample opportunity for this curious naturalist and artist.