Daniel Flores

Born in East LA with a pencil in my hand, Daniel Flores was a creative child, drawing on every surface he could find. His imagination would take off with images of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Bugs Bunny and stories of Aztec bravery as told by his history teacher in Mexico City where he attended middle school.

He learned by experimenting and it all started with drawing, and since then he has added several other art skills to his pool of talents, including: Tattoos, Fine Art, Graphic Design and Mobile Game Illustration. 

Since arriving in Atlanta in 1994, Flores has been involved in the art community starting with group art shows as Curator of the Mano A Mano Art Exhibit Series. With his Wife Aisha Flores, he founded Denominator Graphics with a focus on building websites for young artists to have an online portfolio and promote their art to potential Fine Art collectors.

In 2002, his tattoo studio won Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta award and he's been featured in magazines and online interviews including a bit on the 2012 July issue of ImagineFX Magazine. 

In 2005, his art was shown at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as part of the Art Beats + Lyrics Art Show. 

Flores has participated in over 25 group artshows in the Atlanta Area. Art is his passion and his creativity overflows with non-stop art projects. Art is also his profession and he's thankful for the opportunity to create!