Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson has been painting for over forty years.  His career as an actor kind of got in the way for a few years until he met Tony Bennett. Tony told Bob that he paints nearly every day and needs to show the world his art.  Bob took Tony's advice and started painting again and even painted when on the road or working aboard cruise ships. His unique style and texture of work has been recognized many times with awards and tributes. Bob, being a close friend of the late actress Joan Fontaine, has had helping hands from her in his art career. Several of Bob's art pieces have been collected by some of Hollywood's most notables. Bob entertains as a mentalist, performing his one-man show, "The Mental Mystery Tour." Two of Bob's paintings were rented to be used on the Warner Brothers' Movie, "The Bastards."

Bob's unique style, coloration, design and texture have set him apart form other artists.  His work is easily recognizable for those in the art circle and highly collected.  Bob is alway striving to not look like the other artists but to set a standard and style that sets his work apart form other artists.  As an entertainer Bob knows that to stand out you need to have that special something you can't get from anyone else. 

Bob's work is represented in the Woodfield Gallery in St. Petersburg Florida,  Gallery 54 in Skaneateles, NY, the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Fine Art shop in Tarpon Springs, Florida, as well as several other Florida art galleries.