André Paraguassu

André Paraguassu makes art that grabs your attention. Bold, confident lines and warm, bright colors show up in almost all of his work. But that's not why it pulls you in.

His subjects always have a visceral wright about them. If they're looking at you, they're usually insinuating a similar sort of silent eye contact. The moment you enter their presence, they're self assured. They're completely silent. Watchful. yet easy-going, like a courteous guest with a secret.

His paintings and drawings range between illustrative and realistic (usually somewhere in the middle). His people tend to be impossible colors, like purple or blue, and objects often resemble stained glass, with thick borders and precise edges.

The blurred line between mundane and the fantastical gives the work an eerie quality. The pendulum swings wildly between the two throughout his body of work, but all of Paraguassu's art gives you the same feelings that you're looking into some other strange world where you can go. It's alive, as all great art is. 

Put simply, the work of Paraguassu easily transforms whatever space it inhabits without dominating it. 

Paraguassu studied at The Atlanta College of Art and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.