Anderson Smith

Anderson Smith is a self-taught artist and photographer. Art has always been a part of who Anderson is as an individual. Growing up in the Midwest (Chicago, Illinois), shaped his visual and creative journey, from countless hours of drawing in his small bedroom, to freehand painting on small canvases. Photography came later in life, as his father was a budding photographer, capturing moments in everyday life in the early '60s and '70s. Anderson was inspired by his father's work, and one day picked up a camera and instantly became enamored with the artistic medium. Anderson shaped and honed his skills as a photographer, while implementing his artistic talents to his projects. He has had gallery showings throughout Atlanta, with a few group shows at various galleries around the city. Anderson meldsĀ his artistic talents into a vision that has propelled him into being one of the most sought after photographers in the city. He brings light, energy, and innovation to all of his works and keeps pushing his creative envelope to new boundaries, as he continues to grow as an artist. Anderson has had his work in publications such as Zink magazine, Raine magazine, The Huffington Post, Glass Book magazine, Flaunt Magazine, and countless others. His creativity breeds expression, and as his father always told him, "Put no price tag on your dreams, because reality will cost you."